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Henry Hudson III    


Ron Ivory 

Jimi Alexander and Ron Ivory



One on One w/ Linda Styles


Linda Styles & Nelson Stroud 


Ron Ivory & David Summers Jr.

Nelson Stroud

One on One performing at an Black Art Gallery

One on One and The MilesApart Band with Linda Styles in Dillon, CO

One on One (Ron) at Patrick's "Treat Her Like A Lady"





Tom Sandquist

Ben Mitchell & Michael Wilkerson

Glenn "Bunch Brown at BCF 2010

Colorado Springs Juneteenth

One on One at the BCF 2010, Henry, Glenn, Isaac, Jimi & Ron

Ron Ivory and Nelson Stroud

Russell Roach

Denver JazzFest during 2008 DNC


Jimi & Nelson "Hammin' it up"

One on One "Blue Who" Henry, Jimi, Nelson & Ron


David Summers Jr. & Michael Wilkerson  

One on One "After the Show"

Ron "Baby I'm For Real"

Henry "Do dat thang!"

Ron Scattin' with the Stan (drummer)


Ron at Keystone with One on One

Glenn at BCF

One on One (Ron) at Patrick's

One on One Steppin', Nelson, Ron & Jimi